Training at Toastmasters

What kind of training will I receive at Toastmasters?

Since 2018, Toastmasters has been working with the new Pathways training concept. As a member, you automatically get access to the interactive learning platform „Basecamp“ and choose one of the paths mentioned below. Pathways combines online training with regular practice in the clubs, taking on roles during club evenings and thus offers a very effective rhetoric and leadership training program.


Pathways integrates professional public speaking and leadership training in 11 different pathways based on the following

Core competencies:

  • Public speaking
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Management
  • Trust
Toastmasters Pathways

Professional rhetoric and leadership training

From the following options, choose the path that most closely matches your own desires:

  • Dynamic Leadership: strategic leadership and conflict resolution skills.
  • Effective Coaching: Interpersonal communication, leadership and coaching skills
  • Innovative planning: creative project management and communication skills
  • Leadership development: communication and leadership skills
  • Motivational Strategies: motivational leadership and communication skills
  • Influential persuasion: leading in complex situations
  • Presentation mastery: public speaking skills
  • Strategic Relationships: networking, leadership and communication skills
  • Team Collaboration: partnership leadership skills
  • Visionary Communication: innovative leadership and communication skills
  • Engaging humor: discovering and using your personal humor style

Each path consists of five stages:

  • Mastering the Basics. This stage is the same in all paths
  • Recognizing one’s own style
  • Building further knowledge
  • Building special skills
  • Demonstration of specialized knowledge.

From level 3 onwards, elective modules are offered. You can choose the pace of learning and practicing individually and also determine the content of your speeches yourself. You can find more information here.

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